Halftone Separation Automation

for Service Providers

Speed up the finishing steps of creating color separations.

Automated Efficiency

After you finish separating a design's colors into channels, this automation will:

  • Trim and save as an EPS
  • Place the EPS into your separations template in Adobe Illustrator
  • Using the swatch data from the EPS, automate the creation of the color labels formatted as per the example
  • Fill in the name of the project based on the file name
  • Fill in the width
  • Save the final separation file

Infinitely Configurable

Can be set up to use any template and include any information. Multiuple templates for different customers or imprint areas are supported.

Does your process look different? These automations can be customized to match your exact process.

Exporting Automated

Automate the export process to save time.

  • Export in any combination of formats and resolutions automatically
  • Automatically name and categorize exported files according to your preferences
Automate Export of Logo Variations

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