Brand Guideline Automation

for Logo Designers

Speed up the creation of premium Brand Guidelines without compromising on quality or creativity.

Automated Efficiency

Branding Guidelines being automatically created from logo variations. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

Brand Guidelines are automatically generated from the logos you design:

  • Logos and all variations automatically added to brand guidelines
  • Color Scheme set to match your client's brand colors
  • Spot Colors listed and automatically labeled with conversion to CMYK, RGB, and more
  • Fonts and font-usage guidelines automatically created
  • Result fully editable in Adobe Illustrator so you can give it your final touch

Infinitely Configurable

Create Brand Guidelines just the way you want, without compromise.

TaskOS can be customized to use your existing branding guide as a template (no matter how complex).

You'll get the same result in a fraction of the time!

Automate Using Your Own Brand Guideline Templates

Exporting Automated

Automate the export process to save time.

  • Export in any combination of formats and resolutions automatically
  • Automatically name and categorize exported files according to your preferences
Automate Export of Logo Variations

How it Works

You'll get a two week free trial. Cancel anytime.
Set Up
We'll use the first few days of the trial to prepare your Brand Guideline template for automation.
We'll provide training and you're off to the races.

Ready to Get Started?


Will TaskOS work with my existing Brand Guidelines?

If you use Adobe Illustrator, then yes! We will convert your existing Brand Guideline into a template that can be automated with TaskOS + Adobe Illustrator.

What if I want the automations or workflow to be set up differently than what is shown here?

This automation can be customized to match your own workflow, and can be extended to automate any steps that occur before or after you typically create your Brand Guidelines. Let us know what you'd like to automate, or set up a call with us for a free consultation.

Will this automation work with InDesign?

Not yet, but we may create a version that automates Adobe InDesign in the future. Interested? Let us know!

How does setup work?

After you sign up (with 14 day free trial), we will reach out to turn your Brand Guidelines into a template that can be used for automation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and ACH through our payment partner, Stripe.

What else can I do with my TaskOS account?

TaskOS can be configured to automate almost any recurring workflow in any app or website. Let us know what you'd like to automate, or set up a call with us for a free consultation.

Let's Automate!

Not quite what you're looking for? The beauty of TaskOS is that it can be configured to automate almost anything, including Desktop Applications, Web Applications, and more. Check out some more examples or contact us, or book a call to discuss automating your business processes.